We believe our educational programs are unique in that they examine the greatness of America and the common thread between extraordinary heroic acts by people from all walks of life. Increasing awareness of these selfless acts can inspire people to do the right thing whether it saves a life, or simply adds a bright spot to someone’s day. Living with Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism keeps us humble and happy. We will continue to connect with individuals and organizations at all socio-economic levels.

HIP Educational Outreach

HIP’s purpose is to emphasize to students the importance of living their lives by a set of simple but profound values. The Center’s Portraits of Valor Medal of Honor collection draws attention to the extreme sacrifices made on behalf of American values. There are many others who live by these types of values. A fireman, coach, mom or dad… each and every one of us is presented with opportunities to do the right thing by family, community and country. The American way of life will continue to flourish as long as we never lose sight of these values.

Special Events & Conferences

The Center for American Values features a high tech modern state of the art meeting facility. The venue is ideal for leadership and training seminars, speaker forums, educational programs as well as meetings and events.  To request the venue, please submit the form here.

Portraits of Valor Exhibit

Portraits of Valor is a breathtaking photographic collection of over 140 Medal of Honor Recipients. The exhibit is enhanced with interactive audio and visual content on iPad digital display panels. The Center is featured on the  Walk of Valor, a popular attraction on the Pueblo Riverwalk. The walk begins at the Heroes Plaza Medal of Honor memorial statues and continues through several other landmarks including the new Veterans Bridge ending at the Portraits of Valor display at the Center for American Values. The exhibit is open daily from 10am-2pm and is free to the public.

American Values Narratives Project

The narratives project mission is to capture and preserve one-of-a-kind historical narratives featuring extraordinary accomplishments by Americans from all walks of life. A partial list of narratives interviews include: Michael G. Sabbeth, Esq., author of How to Talk with Children About Values ; Gary Sinise, actor and humanitarian ; Lee Walters, 25 year Air Force veteran, combat pilot trainer and Policy Action Officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff ; Elizabeth Calabrese (deceased) co-founded Denver’s Laradon Hall Association for Exceptional Children and Adults.