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The Medal of Honor module has launched.
This is a special module, close to our hearts as it teaches about the Medal of Honor.
HIP (an acronym for Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism) is a civics-based education platform with new lessons continuing to roll out.
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CAV Board Member Serving on Honor FlightHonor Flight 2024

The Center for American Values Board Member, Henry Jones, is one of 24 volunteers assisting the Rocky Mountain Honor Flight organization with 30 Veterans on a two-day trip to Washington D.C. to visit monuments and memorials dedicated to their service.


This year is the 15th year Mr. Jones has volunteered to escort and assist the veterans. The Honor Flight departed from Denver International Airport on May 23, 2024, and is scheduled to return on Saturday.

First “National Civics Bee” Colorado State Finals Broadcast

The Daniels Fund, one of the Center for American Values founding donors and a Civics-Based K-12 Education Program funder, has been working with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to launch Civics Bees across America. The growing competition was established to inspire young people to become informed and engaged in our republic. The National Civics Bee project has gained momentum with 115 cities holding Civics Bees across the states this year. For the first time ever, the National Civics Bee Colorado State Finals were broadcast on television. Denver 9News broadcasted the competition on Channel 20 KTVD.

Baca Elementary End-Of-Year Field TripBaca Elementary 4th Graders

Thirty-six 4th grade students from Baca Elementary enjoyed an end-of-year field trip to the Center for American Values on Tuesday, May 21st. The students received lessons on The Making of a Hero and Pueblo's 4 Medal of Honor Recipients that culminated in an honorable “Walk of Valor” along the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk.

OnValues Gabrielle Martin & Karen Patterson - May 16, 2024Gabrielle Martin OnValues 2024

Gabrielle Martin, daughter of Captain Robert L. Martin, a Tuskegee Airman, provided a captivating piece of World War II history at the Center for American Values last Thursday, 16 May 2024. Joining her for the presentation was Karen Patterson, Author of her recent published book titled Red Tail: A Tuskegee Airman’s Rendezvous with Destiny.


The story of Captain Martins’ resilience and determination to fly and defend his America as a fighter pilot was enjoyed by area students and individuals in the gallery and online.

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OnValues James P. Owen - May 15, 2024James P Owen OnValues 2024

Bestselling author, James P. Owen, delivered an engaging and important message on seven common-sense values of cowboys that lead to personal and professional fulfilment. The Fireside Chat was moderated by Kent Noble, a respected educator specializing in principle-based ethics at the University of Wyoming. The inspirational presentation was enjoyed by first responders, peace officers, local guests, and individuals who streamed the presentation online.

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Medal of Honor Recipient & Cofounder of the Center for American Values, Major Drew Dix
was featured on the latest episode of Pueblo Veterans and Their Stories Podcast!




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HIP Education

Educational outreach focused on the Center's Core Values of Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism (HIP) are used to provide unique classroom resources for parents and educators at all levels. Students are empowered to identify and define the character attributes that relate directly to American values. State-of-the-art technology and interactive audio/visual modules enhance the learning experience.

HIP Online Civics Based Education

This learning management system and delivery platform is a multi-media experience to exponentially expand the reach of HIP Education to students throughout the Country. The online based learning environment attracts parents, teachers, home schoolers, as well as online curriculum providers. Click to Register

On Values Speaker Series and Narratives Project

Medal of Honor recipients and noted speakers from all walks of life help bring new awareness to a variety of subjects intended to educate, inform, and create discussion about the significance of American values. Their presentations are captured and archived for the Center's Narratives Project which is evolving into a one of a kind audio/video library. Speakers who have shared their extraordinary stories include: James P. Owen, Wall Street veteran and author of Cowboy Values  and Cowboy Ethics; James Humes, author and White House speechwriter for five presidents; Corey Ciocchetti, Professor of Ethics, University of Denver; Michael Sabbeth, Esq., author of How to Talk with Children About Values; Fisher DeBerry, Hall of Fame Air Force Football Coach; Michael Strobl, author of Taking Chance; Dr. Rick Rigsby, author of Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout; Kathryn Childers, First Female Secret Service Agent.

Exhibits and Gallery Tours

The Center for American Values hosts and promotes conferences, seminars, continuing education, and community events that align with our Mission, Vision and Core Values. The Center is also available for private tours and other events.

Medal of Honor "Quotes" Book

The Center for American Values has published a book of Medal of Honor quotes, subtitled "Inspiration from America's Military Heroes." The publication features a collection of quotes that reflect the honor, courage and humility of our most decorated war heroes.

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