About Us

Center For American Values Staff

Karren “Sparky” Turner
Executive Director
Phone: (719) 543-9502

Elisabeth (Lis) Richard
Education Program Developer

Phone: (719) 850-0199

Phone: (719) 543-9502

About Us

The Center for American Values’ organizational mission is based on the need for a national initiative to identify, document, and disseminate information about individuals, groups, and organizations whose character attributes relate directly to the values this great country was founded on.

The Center for American Values purpose is to connect with individuals and organizations at all socio-economic levels through our programs including HIP Online Civics Based Education, Portraits of Valor Exhibit, On Values Speaker Series, and American Values Narratives Project.

Mission Statement

To honor the extreme sacrifices made to help sustain America’s values and to ensure these extraordinary actions are preserved … forever.

Vision Statement

A source for future generations to learn and explore how doing the right thing for family, community, and country will keep America great.

Our Core Values: Honor • Integrity • Patriotism

Pueblo, Colorado is the location for this innovative undertaking – and rightfully so – Pueblo is known as the Home of Heroes. The community boasts the unique distinction of being the home of four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once remarked, after bestowing the Medal of Honor upon Raymond G. “Jerry” Murphy, “What is it in the water out there in Pueblo … all you guys turn out to be heroes.” Fittingly, the visionary and co‐founder of the Center for American Values is Pueblo’s own Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix. It was Dix’s deep commitment to America that the Center’s mission was born. The mission stems from his personal desire for all generations to understand and never lose sight of sacrifices made by civilians and veterans alike to elevate America as the greatest Country in the world.

The Center’s objectives and programs include the use of its gallery and conferencing space for organizations in need of meeting facilities specific to promoting character and leadership development curriculums, educational training seminars, executive study groups, conferences, special events, ceremonial activities, educational outreach opportunities, and public tours.

Adding to the ambiance of The Center’s facilities is an extraordinary collection of photographic portraits and documentation of over 140 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. The collection is a powerful example of the self-sacrifices one segment of our society has made to protect the freedoms we enjoy. The Center fully recognizes America’s cherished values are enriched by all segments of society. From educators and caregivers to entrepreneurs and blue and white-collar workers, the Center strives to recognize all those who have distinguished themselves.

The Center for American Values, Inc., is headed by non‐paid corporate officers Board President Brad Padula and Board Chairman Drew Dix. They are tasked with assuring all funds are dedicated to ensuring the goals set forth in the mission, vision, and core values are met.